Congratulations RC Anthony Mtaka

Regional Commissioner of Simiyu, Hon. Anthony Mtaka.

Dear Colleagues – The President of Athletics Tanzania Hon. Anthony Mtaka has been named the BEST Regional Commissioner in Tanzania by His Excellency President of The United Republic of Tanzania – Hon. Dr. John Pombe Magufuli.

The news comes amid claims that some RC’s & DC’s around the country are doing anything possible to impress the President and the Public VIA video clips produced and edited by themselves to show that they are “patriots and hard workers”.

The President said Mr. Mtaka is a ” Silent Hard Worker”. He made the remarks while condemning those who are trying to betray the public through video foolishness.

On behalf of Athletics Tanzania I am so happy to work with such a notable individual; notable to the high ranks of our country’s leadership.

Our President’s unique character is that he is a “Straight Talker” he has no permanent “Friend or Enemy” what he likes to see is hard work to achieve development goals.

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