The main directional & managerial bodies of AT are the following:-

  •  The general assembly (GA) is the supreme of authority of AT and is made up all the delegations of the member regions each member region has one vote,
  • The  executive  is  composed  of  18  members  who  are  elected  by  the  general Assembly to represent the regions. It convenes three times a year to formulate AT policies for submission to the GA. Its roles is also to deal with the implication of the decisions takes by the Assembly,
  • The  permanent  General  secretariat  is  based  at  the  national  stadium  and  is responsible for the implementation of the GA’s decisions as well as administration of AT.

 The technical committee:-

Conducts studies and draft projects in the general areas of sports, information, statute, finance and partnership,

  • The committee is a body devoted to research & scientific and technical assistance and is made up of physician, scientists and sports specialists, especially during the training comp’
  • The technical committee also exists for each major sports and its responsibilities are to develop its particular sports within AT, to draft and update the AT regulations pertaining to its respective sports in line with the international federation rules and to oversee technical standards at the championships.


Every year, AT organizes national championship seminars, courses to study various aspects of physical education and sports within the country region.


Solidarity is one of the Two pillars it at guide AT activities. Olympic solidarity was based on the IAAF model developed some decades ago. Our AT programs comprises of many parts. Projects range from organizing technical clinics in less advanced regions.

To transporting athletes to the national championships.


Twenty five  types  of sport  which  are  also  part  of regional competitions,  are included in twenty five or so world championships organizes by AT annually:-

 Individual sport

(a) Track – Run

(b) Throws

(c) Jumps

Athletics Tanzania Organization Structure